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How shall we take it?

The pálinka is the part of the Hungarian nutritional culture, the everyday life since centuries. Our national peculiarity just like that, as the red pepper or Tokaj wine. The morning pálinka-consumption the peasant life the helper of taking in his inevitable concomitant, the heavy, greasy breakfast, the antidote of the tiredness was on the time of a hard work. The pálinka on the landscape of the holidays (wedding party, baptizing, funeral) can be found was on the table.

Nowadays are attached festive events, family parties by pálinka. We may take it so before or after a dining – or just merely - but we may claim that it provides an experience to his consumer anyway surely. If we dring moderately - daily four centilitres and not more – then has a salutary effect on our organization.

According to surveys made among young people dring pálinka because of that with pleasure, because his Hungarian ancestry is considered important one beside his delight value, and because drinking of pálinka in a modicum is healthy yet. Since the interest is increasingly bigger for the Hungarian pálinka, it is worthy to know the culture of the pálinka consumption.

On the truth of the pálinka multi-faceted drink, but we recognise the aroma of that fruit in the good pálinka unmistakably, from which one made by. It signals a production, production mistake if we feel an any other kind of fragrance, a smell. After the consumption of the good pálinka - then, if four centilitres onto more turned out - the man does not get up having hangover, clear his head and onto the weed.

The pálinka - even nowadays mistakenly - it is taken cooled often. Though if we cool or freeze it, the drink will lose the delight value of his why we take it punctually then: the orchard and his fragrance. Serve pálinka best on 18-20 °C to enjoy the pleasant flavour of the fruit in a full measure.

The full one on the truth of a flavour and aroma, which is the pálinka in all of his drops, which can be enjoyed then only which can be found, if from the glass with a suitable form we take it. This so-called tulip form, which is hollow below, narrows above. This because of that the scents of an important, drawn distillate with a big surface which can be found in the lower, hollow part, the upper part restricting guides it to the nose. So it is enough, if we push the glass over a little bit and we move it, we swing the drink - and we feel it immediately, we enjoy his fragrance.

Do not drink pálinka onto only „one breath”, one single sip to drink. Sipping it slowly only, it is allowed to take it savoured. Its quality is really only so enjoyable. We may feel how pleasant fragrances are freed after his consumption with some minutes if the pálinka is with a faultless quality from the empty glass. At this time we may meet the character components of the fruit, which are worth a lot, and they appear as an important quality-defining factor.

We may relate that the pálinka making is a separate science, two alike brew calmly does not exist. Every fruit is different, and all distillery master prepares other pálinka. To discover, to compare, tasting the kinds of pálinka may be just as enjoyable, than sampling the best wines.

Source: Pálinkafó

„Orvosság ez akármilyen nyavajára, erős mint a háromszor varrt csizma szára. Szilva, körte, cseresznye, egészségünkre!”
Gábor Koncz