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Dunai Hajós Pálinka now can be found at Mesterpálinkák department store


We are glad to announce that pálinka is getting more and more successful, as the achievements of popular regional and national pálinka festivals, and the newly appearing members of the market prove it. We find it important to create more opportunity for those commercial distilleries, which came up with their own brand of pálinka to win the audience. Also for this reason, in the next couple of weeks we are presenting one of the most promising new commercial distillery, Vecse Komplex Kft.’s products, Dunai Hajós pálinka.

This event is devoted to popularize pálinka, along with a free tasting offer, which begins on the 5th of February and ends on the 7th of March. During this time our guest in the department store is this brand new product, the Dunai Hajós pálinka.

Also during these five weeks there is a chance for costumers to taste the 0.5-liter packaging, 45 v/v % Dunai Hajós Mulberry, - Sour-Cherry, - Cherry, - Peach, - Plum (50 v/v %), - Williams Pear, - Quince, - Fruit-bedded Cherry, Peach, and Plum Pálinka. Those costumers who buy from our peach pálinka get 20% discount for the price of 3.900 Ft instead of 4.900 Ft.

The pálinka exhibition and free tasting are open on every day. Visit us and let us introduce to you our great new product, the Dunai Hajós pálinka.

You are welcome at Mesterpálinkák department store.


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„I cannot write a cheerful poem, I smile rarely, I drink often, I am choking all my griefs into pálinka.”
Gábor Koncz