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Visegrad International Royal Palace Fair July 7th-10th 2011


Between 7-10th July, 2011 a glamorous celebration is to take place in the royal palace of Visegrád. The Hungarian king, Charles (Károly) welcomes the Czech king together with his son, the Moravian prince, the Polish king and their duellist valiants and fancy cortege. A myriad of Hungarian and foreign noblemen are to come as well to witness the royal meeting and jousting tournament. As the herolds have already announced long before, the most noble and courageous valiants are taking part in the tournament. Charles, (Károly) the brave and wise king of Hungary, and his amazing town, Visegrád, warmly welcome all those interested.

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Hungarian-Hungarian World Festival June 30th-July 3th 2011



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VinCE 2011-19-20th March, Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest, Hungary


As suggested by its name, the primary focus of the event is wine (as in vin) exhibited in Central Europe (CE). 120 wineries are scheduled to take part in the two-day-event with exhibitors coming from Hungary and the neighbouring countries but some winemakers from outside the region will also offer their bottles for tasting.
In addition to wine, we also intend to highlight pálinka with the best distilleries presenting their products. The event also hosts further gourmet products such as cheese, olive oil and extraordinary sausages just to mention a few.
Besides displaying an awesome cornucopia of wines, the exhibition also offers seated tastings – master classes – lectures and interactive workshops where wine lovers may sip both wine and knowledge, while wineries receive up-to-date information and efficient assistance.

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Two silvers, five bronzes


Two silvers, five bronzes on the XVIII. Hungarian National Pálinka And International Fruit Distillate Competition of 2008, within the confines of the XI. International Home-distilled Pálinka Festival, Exhibition and Fair.

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The announcement of results of V. HunDeszt National Pálinka- And International Distillate Competition


The V. HunDeszt National Pálinka- And International Distillate Competition was announced by the organizer, the Hungarian Alcohol Industry Association and Product Council in November 2009. The competition is sponsored by the Agricultural Ministry through the Agrarmarketing Centrum.

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Pálinka Promenade on the Vigadó Square


Quality, with a measure – sounds the motto of the program (organized already 4. times) on the Vigadó square in Budapest. The devotees of pálinka can taste the noble nectars of 20 exhibitors throughout from afternoon 25. September until late night 27. September – begun with apple- and elderberry- through black berry- until red currant- and cornel pálinka. The initiated are able to recognise a fragrance streaming from the tulip glass already, what kind of fruit the distillate was made of. Would you try it? Surely only with a measure – with the quality won’t be any problem on the Pálinka Promenade.

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Hungaroring Fest


Lyoness Hungaroring Fest is really a family program! The children will find a challenge too, which fulfilment even a dad may be proud! Real race car simulators wait for the kids (and adults who aren’t ashamed of their childishness), and the smartest ones can get valuable gifts and unforgettable experiences.

Date of the program was: July 23-26. 2009

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Three silvers, two bronzes


Three silvers, two bronzes on the XVII. Hungarian National Pálinka And International Fruit Distillate Competition of 2008, within the confines of the X. International Home-distilled Pálinka Festival, Exhibition and Fair.

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International success for Hungarian distilleries


Budapest, Palace of Arts

The world's best distillates and brandies competed on the international, traditional distillate competition Destillata in Vienna. From 188 distilleries (arrived from 13 countries) „Agárdi Pálinkafőzde” (Agárd Distillery) won the titles „Distillery Of The Year”, „Nation Winner” and „Distillery Master Of The Year” – so the total winner comes from Hungary.

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Destillata, 2009



We may have booked successes again on the international test: three silvers, three bronzes.

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Dunai Hajós Pálinka now can be found at Mesterpálinkák department store


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Pálinka and wine together at one place, in the downtown of Dunaújváros


In the very heart of Dunaújváros, Dunai Hajós Pálinka and Wine Department Store is now open for the audience. You can find it under 2400, Dunaújváros, Dózsa György út 30. On the opening ceremony Koncz Gábor is going to be dedicating his book and of course all Dunai Hajós Pálinka. Pálinka and wine fans are welcome!


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Kisüsti Pálinka Festival, Gyula


The Tenth National Kisüsti Pálinka Festival, Exhibition, and Market in 2009.

Date of the event: 17th, 18th, and 19th of April 2009.

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This year also couldn’t pass without ‘Pálinka Day’


On the 5th of December, 2 p.m. the Hungarian Pálinka Order of Knighthood Unity opened “Pálinka Arcade” with a glamorous parade at Kossuth Square.

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Two silver, eight bronze medals on HunDeszt 2008


All time success on this year’s HunDeszt Pálinka Competition.

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Second Pálinka Arcade, the celebration of pálinka on Miklós’s day


On the 5th of December, 2 p.m., the Hungarian Pálinka Order of Knighthood Unity opened “Pálinka Archade” with its glamorous parade at Kossuth Square.

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From distillery to distillery, on bicycle


A few weeks before the ratification of the pálinka law in September, Csaba Vas tries to turn the attention towards quality pálinka, by visiting the 37 distilleries of Hungary.

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Pünkösd in Solt – Carriagebeater competition


At the Withsuntide Festival of Solt a competition of carriagebeater was organized for the Grand Prize of Vecse Komplex Kft.

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Gyula – Double bronze


On the XVI. Hungarian National Pálinka, International Fruit Pálinka Competition, which was arranged within the frame of the IX. International Home distilled brandy Festival, Exhibition and Fair our apricot and grape-skin pálinka both won bronze medal.

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Bronze at Destillata 2008.


Our grape-skin pálinka won bronze medal at Destillata 2008 Festival in Wien.


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„I cannot write a cheerful poem, I smile rarely, I drink often, I am choking all my griefs into pálinka.”
Gábor Koncz