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HunDeszt Pálinka Competition

In every November of the year is organized the HunDeszt the Pálinka Competition’s purpose is to give a forum for the test of the pálinka- and distillate-producers. Namely: to advance the quality further its continuous improvement, the development of the consumers' and the producers' view, the popularisation of the cultured pálinka-consumption and the acknowledgement of pálinka in wide circle.

On the competition can participate only pálinkas and distillates (100 % of distillate with a fruit basis), that are equal to the domestic regulations. To the competition may enter pálinka- and distillate-companies, individual pálinka- and distillers, and - with the manufacturer's contribution – the business-organisations and pay-distilleries.

The samples are valued on twenty accurate review sheets, passing judgement on the technological fairness (considered the stock, the mash-, fermentation-, separation-, possibly ripening mistakes), the character of the fruit (considered the specifications of assortment), the flavour purity and the harmony. Beside the gold-, silver-, and bronze medals gains the best items in the single categories with golden medals – after the reviewers tasting – the best one gets the champion title. The reviewers can give out the champion title also for the other fruit families (for the items won gold medal), but only then, if they the sample of at least three denominators, at least ten competed.

The number of pálinkas and distillates entered for HunDeszt Pálinka Competition rises from a year to a year. At the First HunDeszt Pálinka Competition entered 78 samples, in 2006 already 163 items. In 2007 though 220 pálinkas and distillates measured on the – international became – competition. The HunDeszt Pálinka Competition in 2007. was already the seventh pálinka competition organized by the Magyar Szeszipari Szövetség (Hungarian Alcohol Industry Union) and the Product Council. The test ran on this name already in 2005 and 2006, before it was the competition organized inside „VinAgora”, and between 2001 and 2003 was organized at „Kecskeméti Hírös Days” the Kecskemét Pálinka competitions.
These competitions call the attention for the pálinka, as significance of a hungaricum, for the popularisation of the consumption of qualitative pálinkas, and provides a vocational test opportunity for the manufacturer.

Hungarian National Pálinka Competition, Gyula

The program called „International Home-distilled Pálinka Festival, Exhibition and Fair” is organized in April of every year in Gyula. In the frame of that is organized The Hungarian National Pálinka Competition, The International Fruit Distillate Competition, and for it travel the competitors also from Carpathian Basin's other regions, with their homemade distillates. Generally in two categories – pay-distilleries and distilleries - is announced the competition, and it is remunerated with an extra fee traditionally the best, not in Hungary distillated „brother-product” too.
The pálinka festival is also a vocational forum. There turn up emphasized topics, like pálinka related juridical tasks, the marketing strategy of home-distillery, the vocational and financial support of distillers, the utilisation of tourism opportunities of the distilleries.

Destillata, Austria

On the largest professional competition in Central Europe according to severe qualitative rules may participate exclusively 100 % fruit distillates on the final, prepared without any sugar and added aroma.
The international jury values the distillates according to four capital viewpoints in the course of the tasting: the purity of fragrance, the purity of the flavour, the character of fruit and the harmony of the drink.

The best distillates of the year will be selected from the products which won gold medals from every category, with tasting again. The title „Nation Winner” can get the best distillery of the country entered for the competition with at least 5 distillery and at least 20 products


„Adjon az Isten szerencsét szerelmet forró kemencét. Üres vékámba gabonát, árva kezembe parolát, butellámba pálinkát!”
Gábor Koncz